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Why Choose Us?

Who are we?

The Elephant Crew is a privately owned, self funded mental health organisation looking to make an impact on our current mental health system.

The Elephant Crew may be a small organisation and relatively new on the mental health scene, however we are extremely passionate about what our goals are and how we plan on achieving them.

One thing that we are proud of is the fact that we are not your “normal" mental health organisation. 

We are striving to stand out, not just conform to the current mental health model within Australia.

We intend to challenge our government on multiple factors, related to the current mental health model. 

For far too long, mental health in Australia has been pushed aside by our state and federal government.

Whilst our government funded organisations who operate under the set rules, restrictions and red tape enforced by our government continue to put their hands out for huge government funding grants. 

Have you ever asked yourself “where does all that money go?”

The best part about not being a big government funded organisation is that we don't have large overheads, wages to pay or anyone controlling what we can and can't do. 

We have been offered government funding and as lucrative as it seems. We want no part of their current mental health model.

Australia does not need another yes Sir, no Sir organisation. What we do  need is someone to call out for change.

We believe that all Australians, especially our adolescents should have the right to access mental health treatment, without the high price tag which is currently attached.

Please Note

100% of all profits from selling our apparel, fundraisers, auctions or events go directly back into helping those in need.

We can not achieve this without your help. By purchasing any of our apparel, you are helping those in need.

Read below to see which areas we intend on challenging our government about

About Us

The Elephant Crew

Mental Health Organisation

What are our goals?

The Elephant Crew are taking a different approach in relation to mental health in Australia and plan on leading the way in which we believe are some of Australia's major downfalls in relation to the current mental health system.

We intend to challenge our government in relation to multiple factors, which include Australia’s current mental health model.

Government Goals

- Waving the gap fee (mental health plan)

- Reducing mental health medication prices 

- More adolescent detox beds 

- More adolescent mental health beds 

- More adolescent acute beds 

- Reduced therapy waiting lists 

- Reducing HECS fees for psychologists 

- Reducing HECS fees for psychiatrists

Private goals

The Elephant Crew will be a large contributing organisation within the new privately run mental health facility 

Open our own emergency accommodation housing 

Open our own private facilities for females escaping domestic violence relationships 

Open a number of safe houses for anyone suffering with mental health issues, including suicidal ideation 

Meal van for multiple local locations

More goals

Psychiatric treatment has become extremely expensive in Australia, even with a mental health care plan. 

What does a mental health plan actually offer these days??

We intend on challenging the price of the current gap fee, which is being charged on top of our MHCP.

It seems like there is no regulation body, regulating what the gap payment should be.

We are seeing psychologists and psychiatrists charging $0 up to $500 per session.

This high gap fee is restricting individuals from actually seeking the help they so desperately need, driving our suicide rate to all time highs.

We also intend on challenging the current PBS schedule and the price of mental health related medications.

Depending on what medications an individual is prescribed, medications can cost hundreds of dollars on a weekly basis. 

This is simply not achievable for a large percentage of Australian families or individuals. 

Safe house

The "safe house" would be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Offering individuals either face to face contact, telephone consult or call out service.

We hope that this service would remove the overwhelming stigma attached to reaching out and receiving help and guidance in relation to suicide. 

Emergency Accommodation 

The Elephant Crew would like to facilitate emergency accommodation beds, one facility for adolescents and one for adults. 

We note the government’s policy on how many days an individual is entitled to emergency accommodation, however we believe there should be no timeframe in which an individual can seek help in regards to this matter.

Of course our intention is to find suitable and permanent accommodation for each individual that reaches out under this program.

Domestic Violence Safe Housing 

The Elephant Crew along with multiple organisations are working together to help those individuals with a safe exit strategy and intergrading these victims into safe emergency accommodation with ongoing community support and helping with safe permanent housing.

We understand that things don't happen overnight but we are committed to our goals and will do everything we can to bring our goals into action.

A huge thank you to the team at the elephant crew. 

I’m up to my 3rd psychologist session, which they have paid for. I can not express my appreciation enough. Without their help I have no idea where I would be today. 

PS - I absolutely love my hoodie 

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Thank You


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