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Welcome to The Elephant Crew’s official website.

The Elephant Crew is a Not-For-Profit organisation, proudly submerged within the mental health scene.

We are striving to stand out, not just conform to the current mental health model within Australia.

The objects for which TheElephant Crew is established are to:

1. Advance health and provide education

2. Provide financial assistance in relation tomental health and homelessness

3. Prevent behaviour that causes harm toindividuals, people within our community and to the community itself

4. Implement long term initiatives to change theculture and stigma surrounding mental health, suicide, and homelessness.

5. Act as a safe and supportive platform to developa more co-ordinated and targeted response to improve mental wellbeing, health,and homelessness

6. Address and facilitate early intervention inrelation to suicidal ideation, mental health, and homelessness.

These objects may be achievedthrough activities and advocacy which:

1. Developpromotion, prevention, and early intervention strategies to increase communityawareness and understanding of mental health conditions.

2. Increasehelp-seeking, change community attitudes towards mental health to improveoutcomes for the community.

3. Promoteand enhance professional training, development, and support for mental healthservice providers.

4. Connectmental health service providers with each other, people suffering from mentalhealth illnesses in the community to help support people experiencing mentalhealth adversity and suicidal ideation.

5. Supportresearch to increase knowledge and awareness regarding the causes of mentalhealth illnesses to promote early detection and treatment.

6. Fosterconnections across health, community, business, education, and other sectors toenhance responsiveness and support to people at risk of suffering mental healthrelated illnesses, suicidal ideation, and homelessness.

About Us

The Elephant Crew

Mental Health Organisation


The ElephantCrew is a community based Not-For-Profit organisation, formed with the purpose of supporting and promoting community mental health, suicidal ideation, and homelessness.

The Elephant Crew was formed based on the recognition that it will take a harmonised community effort to improve mental wellbeing within the Kiama Local Government Area and surrounding communities.

At the heart of The Elephant Crew is a focus on promoting community involvement to acknowledge the importance of community empowerment and connection in addressing the causes and consequences of mental health, suicidal ideation, and homelessness.

A huge thank you to the team at the elephant crew. 

I’m up to my 3rd psychologist session, which they have paid for. I can not express my appreciation enough. Without their help I have no idea where I would be today. 

PS - I absolutely love my hoodie 

Sharon Ticks
Thank You


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